Zamack ZA-27 Ingots

Zinc Alloy: ZA-27 (Zamack-27)

​Zinc Alloy ZA-27 is an under-appreciated metal for foundry use.

​​This metal is 1.5 to 3 times higher ultimate tensile strength than cast aluminum, and can have the tensile strength of grey or malleable cast iron!

​​One of the differences however is that it doesn't have the percent elongation of other materials. This will show itself as having brittle fracture failure v.s. a ductile failure as is typical in aluminum.

​​Its casting temperature is in the range of 950 Deg F to 1,100 Deg F as compared to aluminum at 1,450 Deg F. The machinability of ZA-27 is very good to excellent.

​​Zinc alloys are sometimes known as "Pot Metal". It is a mixture of zinc and aluminum. Zamack alloys are often used in die casting as well as sand casting. Thin, complex die cast sections are possible with this alloy. Unfortunately, some designs have pushed the limits of these thin sections and the resulting failures have given zinc-aluminum a bad name. Don't be misled, ZA-27 is an excellent casting material!

Here’s a link to the material properties:

A single ingot measures about 8" x 2-3/4" x 1-1/2".