B.C.S. Privacy Statement

1. Budget Casting Supply LLC (B.C.S.) does not gather personal data on visitiors to the web site. We do keep general web performance statistics of non-personally identifiable information.

2. B.C.S. does keep a record of the name, address, phone number, email address, and items ordered of customers who purchase products. This information will never be sold, traded, or divulged to anyone else for any reason, except under legally executed court orders, without your permission (See 5. below).

3. B.C.S. does not collect or store credit card information for web placed orders. All credit card information is processed by PayPal.

4. B.C.S. does not collect or store login credentials. PayPal login credentials are exclusively handled and controlled by PayPal.

5. We do share information as required to shipping companies in the normal course of business to enable your shipment to be tracked and delivered.

6. If at some time in the future B.C.S. feels that there is information that may be informative for our customers to have from a third party we will contact you and ask your permission to have them contact you. ("Opt In").

7. B.C.S. strives to maintain the security of its data files, but can not guarantee that data will be secure from illegal activity, such as hacking or theft of computer equipment.

Revised 2-20-2020