Gate Cutter / Slick


A Gate Cutter / Slick is a double ended tool used to cut runners and gate openings in your molding sand.

The #6909 tool is about 8-1/2" long with a 1/4" slick on each end.

Made of stainless steel.

This tool cuts nice runners and gates in the sand. It also has a second end that is used to smooth the sand after cutting the runner and gate. The smaller size gives you more control over the dimensions of the cuts. Some gate cutters are HUGH, which is alright if you are molding bridge abutments, but not so useful for the average small foundry operation!

How To Use It:

A runner is a channel that connects the sprue or riser to the pattern cavity. At the end of the runner the channel narrows, forming a restricted (gate) opening into the cavity.

The typical procedure is to ram up the pattern in the flask, then cut the sprue and risers using a sprue cutter. Then the mold is opened, and the runner is cut from the sprue to the pattern. The runners and gate are cut before rapping and pulling the pattern.

The runners have to be wide enough to feed the metal without freezing pre-maturely. A gate is simply a smaller section of the channel that dumps the metal into the mold cavity. The gate section is smaller than the runner to slow the flow of the molten metal moving into the cavity. If the flow is too fast it can errode the sand in the pattern cavity causing imperfections and sand inclusions in the finished part.

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