Brass, Bronze & Copper Flux


BCS Brass Casting Flux is a professional grade, cover and drossing flux for use in brass, bronze & copper melting. It is manufactured by Synex Inc. and sold to the foundry industry as BA-315 Brass / Bronze Flux. This flux reduces metal oxidation, promotes separation of dross from metal, and reduces gas levels in the melt.

What It Does:

Synex BA-315 is a dual action flux. First it helps impurities and slag (dross) float to the top of the melt. Then it creates a floating layer (cover) on top of the molten metal that protects it from gas absorbtion. Molten metal can rapidly absorb hydrogen gas from the atmosphere causing surface defects and porosity.

This process will result in a better surface finish and improved material strength in your part. Using a good flux also helps to recover metal that would otherwise be stuck in the dross and lost when skimming.

How To Use It:

Use 3 to 5 oz. of flux per 100 lb. of molten metal, depending on cleanliness of the melt.

Enough flux should be put in with the cold metal to cover the molten "heel" during melting. (A heel is the puddle of molten metal under the still solid metal that is melting). Once the metal has melted, the cover layer is skimmed off and more flux is stirred in for a final cleaning. After it has had time to react, the final dross is skimmed off to reveal a clean, mirror like pool of molten metal, ready for pouring.

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