Bench Sand Rammer


This is a professional grade molding sand rammer. It measures 14-1/2" overall, the round end is 3" diameter. It weighs about 29 Oz (1-3/4 Lbs).

The rammer is made up of tightly joined hardwoods.

NOTE: These have been in storage and some have been DISCOLORED by dust (cement dust?). The finish on some may not be pretty, but they will be fully functional.

What It Does:

A bench rammer is used to pack sand around a pattern in a flask. It is known as a "Bench" rammer because it is used to make up flasks on a bench as opposed to a longer version that is used for floor molding. The blunt end is used to ram the overall sand area while the tapered end is used for packing along the edges of the flask.

How To Use It:

Riddle sand around your pattern. Build up a layer of about 1" to 2" thick around the perimeter of the pattern. Ram this layer to help hold the pattern in place using the round end. Use the tapered end to ram the sand around the edges of the flask.

Riddle in more sand to cover the pattern and ram tightly. Be sure not to strike the pattern itself. Once a good riddled & rammed sand layer covers the pattern more sand can be added without riddling to fill out the flask.

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