Aluminum Flux


BCS is pleased to offer Avkem Al-Clean 106(R) Cover Flux for aluminum casting. Al-Clean 106 is a professional grade cleaning and drossing flux manufactured by Avkem International. Avkem Al-Clean 106 flux is an exothermic flux that works well for drossing and cleaning applications in lower range of processing temperatures.

What It Does:

Flux is often a necessity when using scrap material in the melt. It helps impurities and slag (crud) float to the top of the melt. It also creates a floating layer on top of the molten metal that protects the molten metal from oxidation.

Using a good flux helps to recover metal that would otherwise be stuck to the dross and lost in skimming. Can be used in hot crucibles or reverb furnaces.

How to use it:

If a cover flux during melting is desired apply an initial application of flux to the cold, un-melted metal in a crucible. During firing this will provide a floating cover layer to protect the metal from gas absorption.

Heat the charge to pouring temperature.

Skim the initial dross from the melted charge and stir in a second charge of flux to the molten metal. A powdery dross low in metallics will result. The metal is now ready to be skimmed of final dross and poured.

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